Cultivated Gardens of Distant Hill

"The garden is a love song, a duet between a human being and Mother Nature."  Jeff Cox

A Living Sculpture

After spending over ten years building our house and multiple outbuildings, along with a vegetable garden, a swimming pond and hundreds of feet of stonewalls, we finally found the time to plant our first ornamental garden bed in 1990. As the cultivated gardens at Distant Hill have developed over the years, the many shrubs, small trees and stonework have transformed what was once a rolling hay field into a four-season sculpture. A refuge where the combined forms, textures and shapes of the plants and stone are at least as important as the numerous flowers and their colors. Neither wild nor formal, the cultivated gardens are an attempt to take the beauty of the natural world and add to it the creativity of man. Most of the individual garden beds here at Distant Hill Gardens have been designed around a natural feature, often a rock outcropping or a boulder. By striving to work with Nature and not control her, we have been able to develop an intimate connection with the natural world on Distant Hill. We invite you to do the same.


Michael and Kathy (Kate) Nerrie

Labeling the Plants at Distant Hill Gardens

Sedum sieboldii (October Daphne) with label.

Visitors to Distant Hill Gardens will find metal labels, with both the scientific and common names, next to most of the plants. Being novices when we planted our first garden, and knowing none of the Latin, we quickly realized the importance of learning the scientific names. The labels also make it much easier to remember where we have perennials planted before they start growing in the spring. If you visit us, we're sure you will find the labels as useful as we do.

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