Satellite Views of Distant Hill

"The only limit to your garden is at the boundaries of your imagination." 

Thomas D. Church

A Bird’s-eye View

We have slowly added more land to the total acreage of Distant Hill Gardens. Initially encompassing 21 acres in the town of Walpole, New Hampshire, it now totals 58 contiguous acres with 37 acres in Walpole and 21 acres in Alstead. In the image below, the Walpole/Alstead town line is the red line running north/south dividing the property, with the remaining blue lines being the approximate boundary lines. The Walpole property is to the left and the Alstead property to the right.  The 'Green Tree' icon is the location of the house and the surrounding gardens.


The map below was created with the help of my friend Geoff Jones of Stoddard, using a hand held GPS. The dotted white lines are the main trails at Distant Hill. The solid yellow line is the surveyed boundary. The light blue lines are streams, all of which are seasonal. This image, unlike the Google view above, was taken when the leaves were off of the trees. The large area in the center of the property, without evergreen trees, is our 8-acre sugarbush or sugar maple orchard.

The main trails at Distant Hill Gardens.
The main trails at Distant Hill Gardens. Touch or click on the image to view full size.

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