Camera Play

"Almost all creativity involves purposeful play."

Abraham Maslow
 - American psychologist 

Gulf Oil Spill ?
Night Lights
Melting Moonlight
Ripple Effect
String Theory
Lady Luck
A Picture Window
Reflections On Christmas
The Incredible Tail of My Yellow Lab
Half and Half
To The Point
Off We Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder
The Path To Heaven
Twisted Mind
Stream of Consciousness
Redpoles in Red Maple
Autumn Leaves
Fothergilla in the Fall
Christmas Tree Lights - ICM 1
Polar Vortex
City Lights
Into The Abyss
Zooming In on Nature
Feathers of Gold
Splitting Hairs
Around the World
Fall Colors - Version 2
Orange Leaves
Yellow-twig Dogwood in Fall

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