Mammals of Distant Hill

"The goal of life is living in agreement with nature." Zeno of Citium

Luxurious Lashes
Confidence Conveyed
Fall Colors With Otter
Baby Boom
'Working the Weekend'
Quite a Team
Field of Dreams
Perfect Pose
Over The Edge
Wildlife Contortionist
Back For Dinner
The Dark Side
What's for Breakfast ?
Wile E. Coyote
Fisher Cat (Martes pennanti)
Winter Visitor
A 'Mangey" Red Fox
Wildlife in the Compost - 4:20 AM - November 13, 2014
Hiding in a Hemlock
Out of Hibernation
A Garden Pest
Keeping a Stiff Upper Lip
High-bush Cranberries for Lunch
They Have to Eat Too
Not Yet Ready For Winter
A Long Tail to Tell
Playing it Safe
Sign of Spring? Maybe Not
Winter Ride

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Mammals of New Hampshire

The list below is thanks to New Hampshire Fish and Game

Bat, Big Brown
Bat, Eastern Red
Bat, Hoary
Bat, Little Brown
Bat, Northern Long-eared
Bat, Silver-haired
**Bat, Small-footed
Bear, Black
Chipmunk, Eastern
Cottontail, Eastern
**Cottontail, New England
Deer, White-tailed
Dolphin, Common
Fox, Gray
Fox, Red
Hare, Snowshoe
Lemming, Northern Bog
Lemming, Southern Bog
**Lynx, Canada
*Marten, American
Mole, Hairy-tailed
Mole, Star-nosed
Mouse, Deer
Mouse, House (i)
Mouse, Meadow Jumping
Mouse, White-footed
Mouse, Woodland Jumping
Opossum, Virginia
Otter, River
Pipistrelle, Eastern
Rat, Norway (i)
Seal, Harbor
Shrew, Long-tailed
Shrew, Masked
Shrew, Pygmy
Shrew, Short-tailed
Shrew, Smoky
Shrew, Water
Skunk, Striped
Squirrel, Gray
Squirrel, Northern Flying
Squirrel, Red
Squirrel, Southern Flying
Vole, Meadow
Vole, Rock
Vole, Southern Red-backed
Vole, Woodland
Weasel, Long-tailed
Weasel, Short-tailed (Ermine)
Whale, Humpback
Whale, Minke
Whale, Pilot
**Wolf, Gray (not yet in NH)