The Vegetable Garden

"To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves."   Mahatma Gandhi

Master - Frost Proof Lettuce
Onions Planted
Next Fall's French Onion Soup
Master - Pea Picker
Pumpkin/Corn Patch
Its All In The Timing
Ready to Grow
The Devil Was In The Design
Ready to Harvest
The Year of the Apple
Drops Galore
Onions and Leeks by Fall
The Last of the Snow
Lettuce and Spinach Plants and Tiny Celery Sprouts
Half Of The Whole
Row By Row
Small File - First Of The Year
The Second Half
Basket of Garlic Scapes
Front Porch in Fall
Around and Around She Goes....
Holy Shiitake!
Shiitake on a Stick
Many Meals
Woodland Bounty
Pantry's Pride
A Late Harvest
American or Large-fruited Cranberry
A Late Cranberry Harvest

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