Welcome to Distant Hill Gardens and Distant Hill Nature Trail

An Environmental and Horticultural Learning Center

"Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life."  Rachel Carson

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Inspiring Visitors to Landscape with a Purpose

Distant Hill Gardens comprises fifty-eight acres of fertile high country land in the hills five miles east of downtown Walpole, New Hampshire.

An environmental and horticultural learning center dedicated to inspiring and empowering children and adults to cultivate an intimate connection 

to the natural world through education and observation. We hope to inspire visitors to develop an ecological approach to working their land and to give them the tools to improve their landscape one plant at a time.


We offer numerous workshops throughout the year on a wide range of ecological and horticultural topics: Landscaping for Wildlife; Using Native Plants in the Garden; Edible Mushroom Identification and Tasting; Pruning Shrubs - How, When, and Why; Vernal Pool Exploration; Invasive Plant Control; and Fern and Moss ID workshops to name but a few.


We hope visitors to Distant Hill Gardens will leave with a better understanding of the vital connections between plants, animals, and humans, and how we can use Earth's resources in a way that strengthens and sustains those connections.

Distant Hill Nature Trail is Open Daily

Distant Hill Nature Trail is a new addition to Distant Hill Gardens. It is a  mile long accessible network of hard-packed gravel trails that wind through the 21 acres of Distant Hill that is located in Alstead, NH. While Distant Hill Gardens is only open to the public on the first Saturday and Sunday of each month May through October, and for special events, Distant Hill Nature Trail is open daily year-round from dawn to dusk. With the five vernal pools found along the trail, spring is a perfect time to visit to explore these interesting and ecologically important wetlands.


There is also a newly planted 5,000 square foot pollinator wildflower meadow at the start of the trail. It will take a few years to come into it's own, but with luck and a bit of work it will be a haven for many of the native pollinators that are in decline.  


The cultivated gardens, all of the stonework including the stone circle, the many buildings, and the substantial trail system were designed, built and are maintained by Michael and Kathy (Kate) Nerrie. In addition, many of the whimsical metal sculptures found throughout the gardens were created by Michael.

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