Rose Pogonia Orchids

Beautiful Bog Orchids

Rose Pogonia orchid (Pogonia ophioglossoides)
Rose Pogonia orchid (Pogonia ophioglossoides)


The two acre floating bog at Distant Hill Gardens has a large number of beautiful orchids named Rose Pogonia (Pogonia ophioglossoides). The Latin name "Pogonia" means beard, a reference to the bearded lip on the flower. Rose Pogonia is also known as Snake Mouth, Snakemouth Orchid, Beard Flower, and Adder's Mouth. 


These orchids may be found in sphagnum bogs, fens, wet meadows, roadside ditches, and acidic swamps throughout the eastern North America.

Threatened and Endangered Information

The USDA lists Rose Pogonia as threatened or endangered in several states -


Threatened: Arkansas, Florida, and Ohio


Endangered: Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee


Exploitably Vulnerable: New York