Cultivated Flowering Bulbs

“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece” Claude Monet

Stars of Persia (Allium cristophii) syn. A. albopilosum
Stars of Persia (Allium cristophii) syn. A. albopilosum

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(N) Designates a plant Native to Northeastern North America

Cultivated Flowering Bulbs of Distant Hill

Scientific Name

Common Name

Allium cristophii

Allium moly

Allium oreophilum

Camassia esculenta 

Chionodoxa forbesii 

Chionodoxa luciliae 'Pink Giant'

Crocus vernus

Hyacinthoides hispanica

Ipheion uniflorum 

Lilium ‘Golden Splendor’

Lilium 'Montreux'

Lilium 'Regale'

Lilium 'Tom Pouce'

Lilium martagon

Muscari armeniacum 'Blue Spike'    

Muscari botryoides ‘Alba’ 

Narcissus ‘February Gold’

Narcissus 'Little Gem'

Narcissus 'King Alfred'

Narcissus 'Mt. Hood' 

Narcissus 'Tete-a-Tete'

Narcissus triandrus 'Hawera'

Puschkinia scilloides 

Scilla siberica

Erythronium revolutum ‘Pagoda’ 

Tulipa tarda (syn.T.dasystemon)  


Star of Persia

Lily Leek

Ornamental Onion

Quamash or Indian Hyacinth


Lucile's Glory-of-the-Snow

Spring Crocus

Spanish Bluebells

Spring Starflower

Golden Splendor Lily 

Montreux Lily

Regale Lily

Tom Pouce Lily

Turkscap Lily

Blue Grape Hyacinath

White Grape Hyacinath 

February Gold Daffodil

Little Gem Daffodil

King Alfred Daffodil

Mt. Hood Daffodil 

Tete-a-Tete Daffodil

Hawera Daffodil

Striped Squill

Siberian or Wood Squill

Trout Lily (N)

Species Tulip