Cultivated Heathers and Heaths

"The trouble with gardening is that it does not remain an avocation. It becomes an obsession" Phyllis McGinley

Spike Heath (Bruckenthalia spiculifolia)
Spike Heath (Bruckenthalia spiculifolia)

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Heathers & Heaths of Distant Hill Gardens

Note: We have lost so many Heathers and Heaths over the years to severe winters with lack of snow cover, that we haven't planted any new varieties in a decade. Our list used to be much longer!

Scientific Name

Common Name

Bruckenthalia spiculifolia 

Erica carnea ‘Springwood White’ 

Erica x darleyersis 'Arthur Johnson'

Calluna vulgaris 'Peter Sparkes'  

Calluna vulgaris 'White Knight' 

Spike Heath

Spring Heath

Darley Heath

Peter Sparkes Heather

White Knight Heather