Trees Native of Distant Hill

“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.” Kahlil Gibran

in Sand and Foam

An Alternate-leaved Dogwood, or Pagoda Dogwood (Cornus alternifolia), in bloom at Distant Hill Gardens in Walpole, New Hampshire.
An Alternate-leaved Dogwood, or Pagoda Dogwood (Cornus alternifolia), in bloom at Distant Hill.


Below is a list of the trees native to Distant Hill. If a name is in Red, touch or click on it to see a photo of the tree, its fruit or flower. 


NOTE: (C) after a plants name designates a tree native to Distant Hill that can be found under cultivation in the ornamental gardens.

Native Trees

Scientific Name

Common Name


Acer pensylvanicum 

Acer rubrum 

Acer saccharinum 

Acer spicatum 

Amelancher arborea 

Amelanchier canadensis


Betula alleghaniensis 

Betula lenta 

Betula papyrifera

Betula populifolia 


Carya cordiformis 

Carya ovata

Castanea dentata 

Cornus alternifolia


Fagus grandifolia 

Fraxinus americana 

Fraxinus nigra 


Juglans cinerea

Juglans nigra


Ostrya virginiana 


Picea rubens

Pinus strobus 

Populus grandidentata 

Populus tremuloides 

Prunus pennsylvanica

Prunus serotina


Quercus alba 

Quercus rubra 

Quercus velutina 


Tilia americana 

Tsuga canadensis 


Ulmus americana 


Striped Maple

Red Maple 

Sugar Maple 

Mountain Maple

Downy Serviceberry

Canadian Serviceberry


Yellow Birch

Black Birch

White Birch

Grey Birch


Bitternut Hickory

Shagbark Hickory

American Chestnut **

Alternate-leaved Dogwood (C)


American Beech

White Ash

Black Ash


Butternut **

Black Walnut




Red Spruce

Eastern White Pine 

Bigtooth Aspen

Quaking Aspen

Pin Cherry

Black Cherry


White Oak

Northern Red Oak

Black Oak


American Linden or Basswood

Eastern Hemlock


American Elm


**Only diseased specimens have been found on Distant Hill