Pollinator Gardening Resources

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Online Pollinator Gardening Resources

Establishing a Native Plant Community From Seed - Prarie Moon Seeds

An excellent resource focusing on the many options for establishing a native plant garden from seed.


Pollinator Friendly Plants for the Northeast United States - USDA

A 61 page list of pollinator plants with links to individual plant info.


Pollinator Garden Resources - The Xerces Society


Selecting Plants For Pollinators in New England - Pollinator Partnership

An excellent list of some the best native plants to use for a pollinator garden. Just enter your zip code or postal code for a list for your region.


Wildflowers for New England Meadows and Pollinator Plantings - UNH Extension


How to Create a Hummingbird-Friendly Yard - Audubon Society

Recommended Books on Pollinators

Attracting Native Pollinators: - The Xercies Society


Bringing Nature Home - by Doug Tallamy


Native Seed & Plant Nurseries