Wildlife & Forest Stewardship Plans for Distant Hill

"Good stewardship of the environment and our natural resources is necessary."

Cindy Hyde-Smith

Distant Hill Wildlife Habitat Stewardship & Conservation Activity Plan

A plan for the 155 acres of Distant Hill Gardens and Nature Trail to help guide the long-term management and care of the property’s wildlife habitats and other related natural resources.
Wildlife Habitat Stewardship Plan .pdf
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Ecological Inventory of Distant Hill

An ecological inventory of the flora and fauna of Distant Hill created to establish a baseline snapshot of the ecological and natural communities and the wildlife and plant species present on Distant Hill's property
Distant Hill Ecological Inventory.pdf
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Distant Hill Soil & Water Resource Map

A map showing the soil and water resources found on the 155 acres that make up Distant Hill Gardens and Nature Trail.
Distant Hill Soil & Water Resources.pdf
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Recommended Stewardship Actions and Practices for Distant Hill

A map and associated table listing the recommended actions and practices of the 'Distant Hill Wildlife Habitat Stewardship Plan.
Distant Hill Stewardship Actions.pdf
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Distant Hill Wildlife Habitat & Wildlife Resources Map

A map showing the various wildlife habitats and wildlife resources found on Distant Hill's 155 acre property.
Distant Hill Wildlife Habitat & Resource
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Forest Management Plan for Valley Road Parcel at Distant Hill

A forest management plan for the 29 acre Valley Road parcel on Distant Hill Gardens and Nature Trail property.
Forest Management Plan.pdf
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